Queen Asantewaa (Modern day Ghana)


An empowering African historical painting of Ashanti Queen Asantewaa from modern day Ghana with her tame lion ready to defend her kingdom.
The painting features a clear blue sky and Queen Asantewaa is stood above a rock with her lion to her left whilst holding a huge sword above her shoulder.   She is wearing a stunning cloak in shades of yellows, burnt sienna and reds the beauty of which contrasts with the harsh arid African bush that surrounds her.

Queen Asantewaa  was official protector of the Ashanti Empire’s most precious possession – the golden stool.   When the British troops invaded in 1886 and demanded possession of it, she refused and instead led an army against them.    According to Blackpast.org  Queen Asantewaa led the rebellion which resulted in the death of 1,000 British and allied African soldiers and 2,000 Ashanti.  Both totals were higher that the deaths from all previous wars between the Ashanti and the British combined.To inspire the leaders of her community, Asantewaa proclaimed that if the men of the kingdom would not defend the people, then the women would rise to the challenge. This both invigorated the men and challenged traditional gender roles. She led the rebellion and became an image of strength and resistance. Unfortunately, she was captured during the rebellion and exiled to Seychelles, where she died in 1921.

This range featuring historical African Queens is very popular and it is viewed to be empowering and reminiscent of the film Woman King that was released in October 2022 in England featuring the actress Viola Davis.

Ready to hang on a 50 x 50 cm canvas board with painted edges.

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Dimensions 50.8 × 40.6 mm

Original, Print A3 297 x 420 mm, Print A3+ 329 x 483 mm, Print A4 210 x 297 mm

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