I was brought to tears by the way she captured not only his looks but also his character

Commissioned painting of a rabbit
I absolutely loved Jedidah work from the first time I saw it. I love how authentic and personal her work is to her and her view of life and the world. So I was extremely happy that she was able to paint a very important piece of my greatly missed rabbit Snowy because I knew she would try her very best to make it as perfect and special as she could for me. I had a phone call with her in which we discussed what I wanted and talked about Snowy’s story. She is absolutely lovely and one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. When I saw the finished piece I was brought to tears by the way she captured not only his looks but also his character, the colours and the way she painted it are exquisite and I could not have hoped for anything better. I am so grateful. Thank you xx

she really did put her heart and soul in to my commission and I love it! ❤️

I chatted to Jedidah about what i wanted, she was really excited about doing the commission for me, and took a lot of time, to get the right style and colours I would love!
She kept in touch with me, sending me videos and photos through the process, and it was never a problem if anything needing tweeking.  Then even had the idea to add a poem written by my grandma to make it personal to me…she really did put her heart and soul in to my commission and I love it! ❤️

Thank you Jedidah for such a lovely piece of artwork.

Jedidah captured such a beautiful memory for my partner and I …

University of Exeter

Jedidah captured such a beautiful memory for my partner and I.  She took the time to chat with me about what kind of painting we wanted and regularly stayed in touch to check that we were happy with the painting at each step.   The result was wonderful and we were so impressed with the attention to detail.   Every time we look at the painting we see something new and are awed by the painting all over again!

Thank you Jedidah for such a lovely piece of artwork.

“We are both very pleased with the painting of our dogs”

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Jedidah, we are both very pleased with the painting you did of our dogs looking out the window.   The colours are lovely.   And thank you for the short videos you took and sent us, to show us how the painting was coming along.
Mandy from Devon

“Great work from a very talented artist”

Since seeing the painting “Fro Goes Shopping” it was always on my mind so I decided to buy this but obviously it had been sold. I contacted Jedidah and she said she could custom make one which was to my colour palate. It didn’t take her long to re create a similar painting for me and she tweaked it to my liking. I absolutely love it and my husband.   Great work from a very talented artist.   I will purchase more commissions in the future.
Sharon from Devon

I wanted something unique

I first discovered Jedidah Chick’s work through a local market held in Exeter’s Fore St. and instantly loved her painting After Midnight, which I bought. Cut a long story short, I found that she also does commissions. I am a collector of all things Medusa and wanted something unique, so asked Jedidah if she would consider painting a Medusa. And this is the superb  end result. What impressed me was the fact that she asked me how I wanted her to look, skin tones, snakes, background colour etc. Also, when completed, did I want any final ‘tweakings’ before varnishing. (Moon added and had asked for her eyes to be slightly reptilian, which she did.) Very very pleased with the end result and hangs together with After Midnight. (I had the painting framed locally in St. Thomas).
Michael from Devon

I wasn’t a rich man before I bought this painting… I’m far richer now that I have

The emotion on her face and the newspaper articles and quotes in the background capture the times we are living in and the struggles we are facing.    Painted for International Women's Day on 8 March 2022 the emotion and writing in the background bring to light the struggles that women face.  A mixed media painting of a beautiful mixed-race girl  with a pensive look.  The following empowering quotes are in the background: "A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars"  Carly Simon "A Queen will Always turn Pain into Power" "By Grace through Faith"  the Bible "She's the type of flower that can still grow after a forest fire"  Acrewss "Strong women wear their pain like they do stilettos.  No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it". Whenever I feel bad, I use that feeling to motivate me to work harder.  I only alow myself one day to feel sorry for myself.   When I'm not feeling my best I ask myself, "What are you gonna do about it?  I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me"  Beyonce "Women, Real Bravery" There are also newspaper clippings highlighting the struggles Ukranian women are facing at the moment quoting Rudik a Ukrainian MP as well as an article on Hanriette Monique Hanotte a Belgian heroine.

I’ve never purchased original art before, I’m not a rich man so I have instead framed many prints over the years; my wife has a stylish taste for art prints which we hang in our happy home. When I stumbled across Jedidah’s stall in the Fore Street flea market in Exeter one Sunday morning, I wasn’t therefore searching for anything. In fact, I just wanted a drink – my wife’s dad had taken serious ill the night before and I’d been up most of the night awaiting an ambulance. Morning sunshine and a lack of sleep gave everything a heady glow and Jedidah’s stand was the last I came to at the bottom of the hill in a slight daze.
I found myself halted in a way that I haven’t experienced before – transfixed as everything in her portfolio seemed to appeal to me in a way that I felt I understood it. I lean more towards realism than the abstract and was therefore initially most taken by her landscapes. Deciding I would love a landscape print, I looked through her works but was instead instantly drawn towards a very particular abstract print: ‘Pain to Power’… I still cannot explain why and I think this enigma is what makes it such a special, personal experience.
Clearly a popular piece, there were only A5 prints of it left and I’d hoped for something bigger. Jedidah showed me other prints I may like but, in a jarring moment, I turned and saw the original at face height and I just wanted to consume it… every day.
Jedidah explained that some of the passages collaged within the picture represented stories of women’s triumphs over adversity during WW2 but also in the Ukraine, others were favoured quotes of her family. She explained that she was a working mum whose art had recently come more to the fore in her life now that her children were older. Family dominated the experience, her younger daughter was supporting her with sales at the stall whilst her elder daughter was the very subject of the stunning piece that had gripped me.
I thought for all of 2 seconds about buying it, and a further 2 about where the piece should hang. We have a room that we have decorated with stills of our most meaningful icons. Aretha Franklin, a woman so powerful that Barack Obama as leader of the developed world would regularly stop and stand to hear her words, happens to sit next to Oleksandr Usyk on our wall – a Ukrainian hero influencing the current resistance against tyranny, he has been my fighting icon from the moment I saw him in the 2012 Olympics. It was like ‘Pain to Power’ was destined to summarise the meaning  of these two icons and so the three images now sit together – they bring such depth and inspiration to our home.
I wasn’t a rich man before I bought this painting… I’m far richer now that I have.

Aaron from Devon

Jedidah has really captured my son’s personality and brought him to life on canvas

I was blown back by the care and craftsmanship Jedidah put into the commissioned painting of my son, Solomon. Jedidah has really captured his personality and brought him to life on canvas. Throughout the process she was very communicative about the progress. Before Jedidah started she gained a lot of information about my son to make sure she knew her subject, only adding to her professional approach. I couldn’t recommend getting a personalised painting done by Jedidah or purchasing one of her originals enough.
Olly Woodburn English rugby union player.
Olly Woodburn, English rugby union player

She really captured the spirit of my dog, Fudge

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I cannot praise Jedidah enough, she really captured the spirit of my dog Fudge. It’s so life like and it’s almost like I can reach out and touch her.  Jedidah captured the emotion in her eyes and I feel like Fudge will be with me forever. It’s so beautiful, I look at and just smile. Thank you.

Jill from Devon

Jedidah has completely captured the moment

I was really nervous about asking for a portrait of my daughters as its not really something I’d done in the past.   I had been following Jedidah’s work for some time and consistently been impressed and delighted at the gorgeous artwork she produced.   When I finally asked, the process couldn’t have been easier.   Jedidah was lovely – sympathetic and thoughtful and was in constant communication with me about how it was going, nothing was too much trouble for her.   This week we received the finished painting and I can honestly say I’m utterly blown away.   It has exceeded every expectation I had.   The painting has only been up a few days and already I’ve had so many comments of admiration.   Jedidah has completely captured the moment.   Thank you!

Jenniffer from Devon

An absolute delight

“I have admired this magnificent Cedar tree in the grounds of my neighbour’s garden for many years. So to have it beautifully painted on canvas and placed on my dining room wall is an absolute delight”

M Moore from Devon

As soon as I saw my painting I knew I needed it

“As soon as I saw my painting I knew I needed it. It’s so beautiful and every time I look at it I smile. It was beautifully wrapped for delivery and so much love has gone in to making this amazing work of art. I’m so glad I can look at it everyday.”

Fay from Axminster

I love this piece and will treasure it always

“My commissioned painting by Jedidah has depth, detail and texture that brought a memory alive. The foreground has movement and the perspective was so on point that the grass looks like it’s blowing in the breeze. It took me right back to the feeling I had, the smells and sounds in a way a photo never could. I love this piece and will treasure it always.”

Natty from London

A pleasure to look at

This picture brings me so much joy :blush: the attention to the tiniest details, the colours and the composition all combine to make it a pleasure to look at and a topic of conversation with visitors.  Thank you.

Ruth from Chard
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