Born in Zimbabwe, Jedidah Chick like many of the best artists today, has been drawing before she could write.

A Devon based fine artist, Jedidah produces afro art, portraits, commissions as well as seascapes and landscapes that make unique gifts.

My Featured Art

My Happy Clients!

This picture brings me so much joy :blush: the attention to the tiniest details, the colours and the composition all combine to make it a pleasure to look at and a topic of conversation with visitors. Thank you.

Ruth from Chard

“My commissioned painting by Jedidah has depth, detail and texture that brought a memory alive. The foreground has movement and the perspective was so on point that the grass looks like it’s blowing in the breeze. It took me right back to the feeling I had, the smells and sounds in a way a photo never could. I love this piece and will treasure it always.”

Natty from London

“As soon as I saw my painting I knew I needed it. It’s so beautiful and every time I look at it I smile. It was beautifully wrapped for delivery and so much love has gone in to making this amazing work of art. I’m so glad I can look at it everyday.”

Fay from Axminster

“I have admired this magnificent Cedar tree in the grounds of my neighbour’s garden for many years. So to have it beautifully painted on canvas and placed on my dining room wall is an absolute delight”

M Moore from Devon

I was really nervous about asking for a portrait of my daughters as its not really something I’d done in the past.   I had been following Jedidah’s work for some time and consistently been impressed and delighted at the gorgeous artwork she produced.   When I finally asked, the process couldn’t have been easier.   Jedidah was lovely – sympathetic and thoughtful and was in constant communication with me about how it was going, nothing was too much trouble for her.   This week we received the finished painting and I can honestly say I’m utterly blown away.   It has exceeded every expectation I had.   The painting has only been up a few days and already I’ve had so many comments of admiration.   Jedidah has completely captured the moment.   Thank you!

Jenniffer from Devon

The Artist

“Onai” in Jedidah’s mother tongue, Shona, means “to behold something wondrous”

Art has been a passion since childhood for Jedidah.   She has fond memories of mini art competitions with her dad at the age of 5.  Being a wife and mother, Jedidah has been busy looking after her family and it is only since lockdown in 2020 that she found the time to fulfil her dream of becoming an artist and produce pieces that people can have in their homes to bring them joy and peace in this busy world.

“Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life”. –  Pablo Picasso


Some of Jedidah’s pieces are on display at the Tiny Tasting Tea Rooms and Pura Vida in Exeter city centre as well as Cafe at 36 on Cowick Street. So if you would like a closer look at her art, please pop in. 

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